Forever the student. - New York Film Academy 2014

Forever the student. - New York Film Academy 2014

Napoleon Digital

Established in 2006, then as Napoleon Complex Graphics. Originally a Graphic Designer with strong affection for street art. Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland.

After starting out as a Graphic Designer, I've added lots of new weapons for my artillery, and moved on to directing, editing and motion graphics, as well as photography and 3D.

I've directed and edited numerous music videos for artists ranging from underground talents to multi-platinum chart-toppers.

Past years have included a wide range of work from broadcasting graphics for the Finnish Grammys, Oscars, Emmys and Eurovision song contest to music and promotional videos, posters, album covers, T-shirts and more.

I provide either a full service from creation to publishing, or help you out with a specific part of your production.

Feel free to contact me and we'll pick it up from there!

- Napoleon Digital